James Hand

Board of Directors

James Hand serves as the Director of Facilities at Fargo Public Schools and is a board member of the FM Science Museum. With an MBA and a background in business management, he brings expertise in facility operations and strategic planning. At the FM Science Museum, James focuses on integrating data-driven practices to improve visitor engagement and foster scientific exploration, aligning with his professional commitment to enhancing the educational and cultural fabric of the Fargo-Moorhead community.

James Hand headshot. He has a mustache and beard and is wearing a blue dress shirt and a grey checked sport coat

FMSM Board of Directors

At the heart of the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum is a team of committed individuals serving on the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum’s Volunteer Board of Directors. These dedicated leaders come from diverse professional backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to the table. Every volunteer board member share’s a deep passion of the thrill of scientific discovery, a commitment to advancing the Museum’s mission and the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Through their hard work and dedication, the Board of Directors plays a vital role in ensuring that the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum becomes a vibrant center for STEM discovery, and the celebration of the region’s natural history, agricultural wealth, engineering solutions, and technological innovations.