Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum Receives $1 Million Donation

The Funds Come as the Organization Opens an Executive Director Search.

The Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum received a significant donation of $1 million from donor John Ballantyne, funds that will have immediate impact in facility planning and feasibility studies in preparation for the museum’s opening.

Headshot of John Ballantyne. He has sandy brown hair on the sides and a beard and mustache. He is wearing a blue shirt with a dark gray fleece vest.

John Ballantyne

Ex-CSO and Co-founder, Aldevron

Ballantyne received his undergraduate degrees in Pharmacy in his native New Zealand before moving from the graduate program at the University of Otago to NDSU where he received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He co-founded Aldevron with Michael Chambers on the campus of NDSU in 1998 and has served as Aldevron’s Chief Scientific Officer since then.

The donation was made through the Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation.

“We’re thrilled to put John’s generous donation to good use realizing the vision of this premiere community resource,” said FMSM Board President Ken Brazerol. “We’re just as thrilled at his own excitement for this project.”

“As cliche as it sounds I still feel people don’t have an appreciation for just how much scientific development has gone into virtually everything they touch, eat or interact with on a daily basis,” Ballantyne said. “The concept of the museum and what it means for the area is long overdue and just based on a relatively brief conversation with the board, I know the group has what it takes to make this a reality.

“Making complex matter relatable to children in particular in a way that sparks their curiosity to progress down STEM paths is vital.” Ballantyne said.

The FMSM is in the process of selecting a site for its facility and developing community resources prior to opening, including a mobile STEM classroom. The funds from Ballantyne’s donation will be prioritized toward organizational planning and feasibility studies, a significant expense for new nonprofits.

Interested in Supporting the Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum?

Thank you for your interest in supporting our capital campaign! This is a community effort, every dollar counts towards making this science museum a reality. If you are interested in donating,  making a transformational or major gift, or if you are interested in leaving a legacy through planned giving, please contact us at engagement@fmsm.org

The Fargo-Moorhead Science Museum is a 501(c) (3) organization and your gift is entirely tax-deductible.

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